The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute jointly organised with Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation on 15 may 2018 a "Research & Business" one-day symposium about the technological advances in the high-throughput phenotyping of whole plants.

80 participants have discovered the range of research and innovation solutions available at the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute during a "Research & Business" one-day symposium, structured around presentations of research results, “B2B” encounters with scientists from the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute and other participants in the symposium, and visits of two high-throughput phenotyping platforms in Toulouse, AGROPHEN and HELIAPHEN.

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The GIS BV has since September 2016 initiated a series of consultations with public and private partners, members and non-members of the GIS BV, around six thematics considered as priorities for plant innovation:

  • Genetic diversity and pre-breeding
  • Genetic control of pathogens and parasites
  • Mastering recombination
  • Genome editing
  • Secondary metabolites in plants
  • Photosynthesis, plant architecture and roots

The synthesis of these reflections has been addressed to the whole of our scientific community. It can be downloaded from the link below.


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The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute organised its first internal seminar on 13 and 14 November last year. The opportunity for researchers and engineers in the Plant2Pro® network to meet and interact at scientific workshops.

On the 2nd March 2018 at the Paris International Agricultural Show 2018, the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute and the Qualiment® Carnot Institute presented their R&D offer on the Inra’s booth. Watch the two sequences on the subject of: "Innovations in crop protection as an aid to rendering plant production sustainably competitive".

At the 2018 Paris International Agricultural Show on 2 March, the Qualiment® and Plant2Pro® Carnot Institutes (both administered by INRA) presented their R&D offer on the INRA stand. Rediscover in images this afternoon session, focusing on the subject of "Innovation as an aid to the sustainable competitiveness of plant production systems".


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Christophe Salon, a researcher at the Dijon Agroecology Joint Research Unit, was rewarded for his research collaboration with the company InoviaFlow on Thursday 19 October during the 2017 Rendez-Vous Carnot, winning third prize at the FIEEC awards, worth €5,000. Their partnership led to the development of phenotyping tools and methods (imaging, algorithms, robots, etc.) for the characterisation of root systems in cultivated plant species for the benefit of agroecology. Actualite1